What damages can a dog from wear after a Pfeffersprayatacke?

Does the dog to the vet?

The best answer

... How the dog came with the spray into contact - (? Head area) and especially where ... I now know Although no comparative statistics of pets, but the use of Oleoresin Capsicum example, in California alone in the period from January 1994 to June 1995 documented 26 human fatalities ... take lightly I would this incident so do not and to be sure to vet my choice Home ähhh visit ... the (possible) damage was already listed ...

I would not take any chances and go to the vet :)

This is not dramatic. The tears will rinse the pepper again. You do not need vet.

Anyway, the dog needs to the vet! In pepper spray the enzyme capsaicin contained that triggers inflammation in the body. Normally the irritation diminishes after an hour, but it can come to the swelling of the airways (=> asphyxiation) and a chemical burn of the cornea. The eyes must be reasonable flushed and checked. In addition, an analgesic treatment may be necessary because of the pain, he should stop animal cruelty would. In case of emergency could also be a inflammatories are necessary to avert an acute danger of suffocation.

I would thus to the vet.

I'd precaution to vet

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