What DLC's there in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

What DLC's there in Black Ops 2? A listing with a release date would be nice :)


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DLC Pack Name Multiplayer Map (s) Zombie Map (s) & Add-OnExtra gunsXbox 360release date
Revolution Downhill, Hydro, Mirage & GrindTurned & The Rise / Great Leap ForwardPeacekeeper29 January 2013
UprisingEncore, Magma, Studio & VertigoMob of the dead / Alcatraz Iceland-16 April 2013
VengeanceCove, Detour, Rush & UplinkTurned & Buried / Resolution 1295Raygun Mark II2 July 2013
ApocalypsePod, Takeoff, Frost & DigOrigins / Excavation Site 64-27 August 2013

The name should be min. 10 times have the letter x.

In addition, the letter always replace s by z.

Ex: xXXxSkillzxXxHD

With this name you will each take seriously!

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