What do I do with items of a 60s Eilersen teak sofas?

Hi everyone!

I still have some items of original teak Eilersen are seating in the basement. What do I mean? For disposal, I find it too bad. Can such a thing sell, or I divide the parts and use the best teak otherwise?

There are 4 side panels, two of them with leather collars, 1 center part, and 3 seats and a back portion, in which, however, the cross braces have been removed yet. The state is thus rather poor. A stool is still completely available, but this proposal was abraded.

I have attached photos!

About suggestions I would be very grateful.

Greetings Klaus

The best answer

For the illustrated items to find an interested party, who it also is not willing to pay anything, is likely to be quite difficult.

Dismantling and worrying about redeploying the better way will be.

Hi Klaus,

Before you they "zerlegst" firewood could test the parts well described with these images on eBay reinsetzen. Maybe just looking for a restorer these parts and you get a few dollars for it. If not sold - again adjust for 14 days, so that more buyers at the checkout.


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