What do you need to be able to bring everything to a dog from a shelter?

Hi, I soon 18 shipped in a year, I had before (because I have more time) to save for a dog all my money and to get from the animal shelter. I live with my parents still un still have school (although many gatefold hours, so I can divide my time that the dog was not alone.) My parents would then allow this to 18 also. Also we have a house with a garden where the dog could fix out ... my question now is what you need if you want to get a dog from the shelter and what you need there for documents if the house itself heard my family and no landlord lives gone?

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Hi, this is quite different from shelter to shelter, there are animal shelters who want to chip ID and Kostenersetz for and vet, others want to record, Einverstäniserklärung from the owner and much more. Just go to the nearest shelter and log in as a walk-goers. If you have then found your dog whoosh, then ask for if you get him. But be careful, shelter dogs all have a history, so take your time in searching.

I had to save before (because I have more time) for a dog all my money and to get from the animal shelter.

But you must have financial reserves. What if the dog is sick and expensive drugs are needed, or the dog gets hurt in an accident and an expensive OP obtained? Such things can cost up to 2000 EUR.

You also need to control dogs, insurance, food, supplies, dog school, possibly dog ​​hairdresser (depending on the breed and hair type), kennel (holiday period) can pay etc.

Time you should also have enough, a dog needs a lot of employment and should as little as possible to be alone!

To pick an animal from the home you need is your identity card - and money to pay the nominal fee :-) In many animal shelters is so that you can your chosen dog once a while Gassi threading tail before being delivered at all. Some animal shelters look at, the new ZuHause. So only: From the shelter and ever watched a Hundi :-)

And what do you do with the dog when you shortly, through training, etc., have less time?

A dog is a responsibility for all throughout many years! At age 18, your life can change daily - and then? then target the poor guy back to the shelter?

What do you think for how long a dog lives? You'll 18, will not be the next 10 years to stay at home with their parents, have you considered that?

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