What do you think is the best iPhone case?

Small survey! Which Case (Case you think is the best for iPhone 6 ???

The best answer

I personally have a spigen shell. The good thing is, the cushions and in general it is good (in my opinion)
The are indeed rotating in 20eurp but worth it

Is it totally indifferent what the community thinks!

Go into a store and see you different variants. Decide then to look, Stabtilität, Price ......

Only you can know what is right for you.

The cheapest is just good enough. She is supposed to protect only the wireless something if it crashes again on the floor. Very handy are those with magnetic closure. At the flea market can be found in the rule for each model a and should also try runterzuhandeln kräftigst.

I have a three-layered armor Hard Case made of plastic and rubber. Skinny does not come into the house to me.

But you should have discretion ...

There is no best or worst case. Just Take the ones you like.

Maybe somehow like a transparente.Die MIR quite good.But you have to watch what you like so;)
LG Jackie

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