What do you think of a mali noise (Belgian shepherd dog)

We want the next raise a dog and are looking at the mali noise made while there are many good features but also some bad what do you think the of the beautiful dogs and what breed of dog could you recommend me

The best answer


Please read our fates all carefully! Then you know that a Malinois is not a dog for you.

First you have to create the housing conditions with you. That means:

  • Dogs experience and personal ability to lead an enterprising dog.
  • Plenty of time for scent work and Turnierhundesport and Agility
  • Willingness common to visit a really good dog school
  • solid personal relationships, including essential structure

This emergency assistance for Malinois is just one of many!

The Malinois is often used as a guard dog, and is certainly not a dog for an inexperienced leader. Think it out well, because an incorrectly held Mali can develop into an uncontrollable weapon * *. You can buy a dog not only for its beauty, but have to consider what you want to do with it you exactly and what you need him. For Agility gibt`s many breeds that just as good, if not better suited.

A beautiful great race - but not for the normalization !!

It is a workhorse and should be utilized accordingly. And that is not just go for a walk and play - but work, work and more work.

I read below that you soon begin training and're away from home 7-8 hours. I think that is not enough - Working hours are usually 8 hours + 1 hour rest + Return trip = minimum 9.5 / 10 hours. Apart from the fact that after such a long day often does not have time and desire more to deal with a dog and it has other obligations such as shopping, medical, household, etc. - can not be alone for so long a dog. That's definitely not possible.

If a dog is grown up, is educated and has learned to stay alone and can, then I have no problem if it is 4-5 hours alone - but not for much longer. And Mali should not even be 4-5 hours alone. He is not busy and with 2 hours a day you lastest not from the well. And believe me, an underutilized dog is fierce - makes you broken furniture, listen to zero etc.

But no other race you can as long let alone.

A dog is 10-15 years old. What's in 5 years if you accept eg a job elsewhere? Maybe your interests are in 5 or 10 years and then differently?

No, please let it be - for the love of dogs must be able to say - no, I'm getting no.

Hi, clear Malinois look great. In the right hands are also great dogs. Sorry but I have been too many "The dog is pretty" seen guys who did not know what they are getting and therefore had a ticking time bomb on a leash. At that time we had neighbors who were incapable and a bitch bought itself, which has already had already broken six months later the first son of which the arm. And my Labbihündin it has then a paw completely torn, because she has bitten and how it has just been bred not let go. I therefore think that there are working dogs that you can buy when you're working with police, Rettungshundestaffel or the like. For normal family households to find a Malinois not very successful, which is also Characktersache, but the probability is held high, you can not do justice to the race. And if you have no time, because you're in training and therefore has little money, you should be honest so fond of animals and waive a dog, there is nothing worse than to have after a sick dog and not enough money for his treatment to have .... And at only 2 hours a day time a Chihuahua would already make Äger)

a Mali is not the right choice for many people new to dog ownership. Very willing to work, sensitive, highly intelligent, seems like a fairly good but overwhelmed inexperienced owners deeply. Have here in my area three of these specimens.

hab currently 3malinois itself and repeatedly emergency pet because the owners simply do not get along and there are still many vegetating somewhere to go, because the holder the language not understand ... he is a very original dog, good observer, he sees every movement (hunting mode), he noted ANY change in gestures and facial expressions, as well as your state of mind, who you then can not reflect itself up, forcing you to jump actions the dog ... he is capable of acting very Sturr a dog, but he is extremly sensitive even wen it to the outside world the macho are ... the dogs which many know (whether or not mali), the aggressive behavior applied to the tag does not consider what they need, their needs, the holder does not do justice .. .a mali is a dog in his clear guidelines (daily routine, ALWAYS the same behavior on your part, ect), love with extremely much and calm must be done, which is very difficult for beginners, resulting otherwise conflict negotiations again in the dog, he is annoying u.hibbelig ... a dog who is very strong drive, tends to over rotate quickly, so you have to himself the rest be in and immediately can return switch gear with you, breathe and to x-times begin without itself to annoying be, ie viiiiiel have patience and calm can radiate ... to obtain a faithful pal brauchts also a lot of time to make the dog very much acquainted without overtaxing him (which is faster than one would like) ... the mali is aLL a tightrope, too few or too ... calm and work, underweight or receivable, love or severe, consequence or cuddle / freedom, everything has to be balanced point to jetztigen date on, there must be dogs experience because ... of mali is also a dog for example, do not hurt so quickly shows that is who he shows pain is five to twelve hip and emergency ... of mali is a dog that needs work and calm ... this breed is a "conflict" in itself :-) with is not easy to-life

can you comment me to you, perhaps I can give you then suggest a race ...

The expression on his face would be too scary. Also, I personally find Shepherds not so harmless. So rather "No".

what breed of dog you could recommend me

Unfortunately no, because we have no information about you.

How do you live, how long you are away from home, how much Std. Time you have per day for a dog, do you go to school or even to already have a job?

These are to be able to already provide important points for a recommendation.

What did you ask before the dog?

Mali are pure Arbeitsjunkys. These are not dogs that are to come with Bissel Gassi satisfied. They want a job.

Mali are very nervous dogs, have been hyperactive. But as police dogs, they do not need that, as private dog and provides most of the owners have a problem.

I within 1 year 3 highly aggresive Malis encouraging Hundeplatz seen that were in private hands. These dogs you can meet a normal person hardly.

you have to know what you want to do with the dog around you vorzuschalgen races

You should not select by appearance your first dog. It is important that you are always there for him and he is no more than 4 hours a day alone. Maximum!

The breed should be "easy-care". Not suitable stubborn and just for beginners. This really should not be underestimated.

https: //www./frage/malinois-worauf-muss-man-bei-deren-erziehung-bes ...

A Malinois is a hyper intelligent, very, very attentive dog who needs especially clear rules and boundaries.

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