What do you think of my stomach? Bauchfrei?

Hello I wanted to know what you think so over my stomach, or in general about my weight. I am 14 years old and 1.70 meters tall. I weigh 93 kilos. Most of the fat is located in the abdomen. I wanted to ask if I still can wear midriff, or rather not. So what do you think of my stomach ???

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I would say yes already. I do not know how thick your belly really is, but I have also raced very overweight and I'm on the beach topless. Certainly some people are a bulging belly and staring your fat you can not hide. But can if you abnimmst is that yes certainly change. I would advise you, because your weight is enormous for a teenager, and fat would make good.

Supporting what you want! Sh *** on the opinions of others when you feel good! When it comes to what you can wear when and with what weight at the present time, then all would have in a thick coat rumlaufen best yet with a paper bag over his head, so that indeed all look alike. With stupid comments you in this world will always have to expect, whether you work at 1.40m 30kg, 60kg or 150kg; weigh 1.70m or 2 meters. Whether you pink, black, green, blonde or no hair have - whether you're wearing makeup or not, people will always find something they 'need' a come irreverent and silly. Have fun with your outfit and a nice week yet! :)

all depends on how thick your skin is, if you can just put away remarks and halt remain indifferent towards the honest reactions of others can

Hi, sorry but in your place I would not wear midriff. I do not like your belly looks like and if you like it, then do it. I am 11 and weigh 42kg (am 1,49m tall) and for me it is up to the thighs. My belly is quite ok (rather level) but I think if you do some sit-ups (sorry if misspelled) a day to get your dream figure (your desired abdominal figure) have, then you Bauchfrei can carry. As I said you can do it even now wear if you like DIR, because you have to like you and no other.

Lg Layla

I would say that is a question of one's own body being how confident you are. I myself would not do (am 18, weigh about 20kg less and am a bit smaller than you).

You can wear it even if you like it but since you probably want to hear the truth, I was even tell such a good idea.

That is your own thing, in any case, at least 23's Extra Pounds. Since it takes almost stop at the abdomen, therefore cropped in only 2 years.


So basically is the matter of taste ..

but in my opinion is the one probably counterproductive.

it could happen that you'll bullied ...... but if you have good self confidence n ..then just do it already is no untegehen world

If you feel comfortable you can wear what you want but you if that is real n bit extreme I would not necessarily bare midriff wearing ..

Tu humanity a favor and leave it.

I think that does not looks so beautiful when your belly is not flat.

Yes you can not machenwwarum

Would decrease strongly in your place

if you yourself already say that your Meistes fat on belly then you answering yes your ask yourself ...

clear my belly depends almost always out

Yes, you can, simply because it's your business.

Ääähhhm neeeiin please Bauchfrei is very disadvantageous if you have a big belly ...

Do yourself the self not to.

For Bauchfrei should have a flat stomach :) And with 14 Bauchfrei can come over for some real bitchig

Supporting what you want is perhaps not beautiful look regardless ^^ I mean would it 10 kilos (at least) too much, it would be relatively okay but, ehm. Yes .. I was as a child exactly as thick as you, and have lost very quickly in 2-3 month 20 kilograms of 90 to 70 is still a lot but never mind: D and the unhealthy way that I do not recommend you just take healthy now and then withdrawing Bauchfrei on if it is still in vogue you fall visitest the trend ^^

rather leave it sees nothing from

Please stop it! with 14 on the horizontal bring so much ?! You should be ashamed of yourself! Oh god take first rumzu run bauchfrei from before you think about it!

You are degrees times 5 cm Greater than me .... I weigh 45 kg (13 am will in 3 months 14) .... I would not Bauchfrei go out, which is embarrassing when you want it necessarily head off take. ...

Bauchfrei? We still do not live in the 80s! Has been a reason why this trend has not held. Let the dear - independent of you and your character. Bauchfrei is horrible! Absolute Fremdschämfaktor!

Oh, and what I think of your weight: Please take an⃟ ?!

d rather not

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