What do you think of relationship breaks but with domestic violence?

Hi I'm new here and I would dam got a question? A good friend of mine X was a guy together three years and last year just before Christmas he broke up with her. Because it lasts contending gave. That's not the only problem. From her mother and other people and also my best friend told the he often palpable me. He was often palpable continues the kontrollierne phone snooping or Facebook akkout. The already had their own short Bbeziehungs break. He broke up and still live together have a child together for 2 years. First he said to her that he still had feelings for her, but not as desired it and otherwise he always tells her he could not return his feelings because so much has happened. The problem my best friend is the only one to the broken relationship but he fights snaps them or other stupid comments. Unfortunately, my best friend 21 and still little is naive and worth it from so easily. So my question? What you would think? What would you do? Is there still a chance the two? The problem is her mother and her partner have experienced it from the beginning with what he has pulled off everything and did to her and are in the opinion that he only wants fucked and keep them out. Sselbst his parents now know anything yet that the two are separated, and he does not want also to learn it. Her mother and few others know all know. And they have their often said that is too late to save him and can no longer rely on her mother's leg the guy is down by and some other people also. So what do you think about this situation? Does anyone have something of experience? Who has something änliches experienced?

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I would first talk to the two concerned, instead of listening to what mother, her significant other, other people, the best friend and good friend tell everything so when the day is long ...

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