What do you think to go (total) ride Bitless with Bosal? :)

Question is above. Just what you think and how it is with insurance and such. : D

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the Bosal I can not say much because I'm so never ridden you. My youngster but I am all eingeritten bitless and ride with the older gebisslo terrain (LG-Bridle, Sidepull, Kappzaum). there were never any problems. With the assurance of this must be clarified!

BUT: Remember that there could be problems with §28 StVO, is there something about "sufficiently act" and it is doubted by many jurists that a court, a bitless bridle considered sufficient. So it can be good (no matter as the insurance covers) that you are wearing the full criminal risk. From only halsringausreiten or no therefore dringends discouraged, whether or not insured

You have your insurance ask if bitless riding is also covered, as there is no blanket answer :) Generally I find nothing bad because when the horse familiar one and one horse, then the good work :) If it works reliably in place, why not in the field? A friend of mine goes regularly with rope halter neck ring, or even without the terrain. With her horse work just fine: D

That with the insurance you need to clarify just whether that is insured or not.

If your horse can ride well with it and it is on the ground nor controllable, even if you ride with loose reins or Bitless why not.

With my Icelandic mares I go sometimes even ride holster complete with, they are absolute relying horses - still should not be careless and reckless one! Something you can not do with any horse - my Traber is far too hot and not too much racehorse in mind, but with a bit one can also relaxed ride. :-)

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