What does a bunker?

Hi, I would like to know what a bunker costs and whether one really must be built one. (There are which privately owned). He should also let no Radiation. (I know at a nuclear volltreffer cracks the explosion / blast any previous Bunker). If only the interest, but at Google I could not find anything.

The best answer


my previous speakers have all right, with the few information it is difficult to answer the question

Basically, you should advance on the following points clear Will

1. What are you trying to achieve?

2. How many people want the bunker to be aligned?

3. How long will you Max. Stay in The bunker Can (state closure)

4. What are the dangers to be Covered Shall, ABC (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) and possibly K for Conventional bombs

a bunker for an A direct hit you will you can not afford ...

give it doing something but as we come probably range in the 2-3 digit millions ...

5. Where should the bunker to be built, it is to be integrated into an existing object, or simply want a new pit be dug?

If you have this information you can in a bunker Company requests, you'll probably from the chair falling, but the maintenance is not so much cheaper .. special food must namely to continuously maintain are regelmäßg exchanged and renewed ....

You can add a bunker in hot standby state hold ...

heist of the bunker is only dan really made ready (Populated) if the political situation so requires ..... either way, the FRG has not otherwise all equipment from the Zivielschutzbindung dismissed .. Building is the one driving the other ... ..

I hope I could give you some first clues!

There are several companies that offer private bunker. The price depends, as always, to equipment and size. To live completely self-sufficient for a long time, you should estimate about 100,000 euros. (Excluding land)

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