what does a horse? (Like dog?)

Hello, my little sister would like a private. I know you have to regularly feed times, needs a little stable, etc. What does a horse incl. All costs ?? Is it as expensive as keeping dogs ??

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By this I mean Horse and accessories.

A well Trained horse costs as 5,000-15,000 € because there are certainly more favorable but since then you have to take good care. A horse of course you can always ride as long as you want!

A pony cost usually a little less! as you can so say 2500-10000 € but you can at the age of 17 years no longer go Ponytuniere ie you need to horses tournaments participate and of course you have look how big and how heavy it is!

Prices are my experiences! So if you are a normal I would say trained horse buy those are the prices!

Then the accessories! Of course there are cheap and expensive saddles but I would say for the complete equipment must 1,000-5,000 € calculate!


That's stall rent, farrier, teaching, deworming and all that.

Stall hire and instruction is to be considered each month pay boxes cost me around so 230-500 € and teaching as 80-250 € since one must simply look at the stables in the area! Farrier at Barhufern it usually costs MORE THAN € 60 wherein it is quite strong at least for us in the area and horses / ponies with horseshoe usually not more than 120 €. the horse man fogs usually every other month!

Deworming makes you so 2-4x a year and cost us those 15 €

So I think horse and dog are what completely different :)

Have you a riding stable. I can tell how much it accounts for about, if you do everything yourself, so feeding, mucking out, enter the paddock, prepare for thee times ...

Little Barn is good ... a horse needs a lot of space. Ranging from a large barn.

We have for small ponies (0.80 cm ~ 1.15m) for each own box with 2 x 3.5 m. You get 10 kg of hay daily. Speak about 300 kg in the month. Hay, we have to buy with 0,25 Euro per kg. So are 75 euro hay per month. So she get per day 1.5 kg pellets for Ponies 45 kg per month. 20 euros for a 25 kg sack. So 36 euros per month. Then we sprinkle a Sagespähne with. Every week mmüssewir intersperse least 2 bales. The Preisn per bale is approximately 8 Euro. So a total of 64 euros per month. A little pony so will cost you 175 euros without electricity or water costs, vaccinations and blacksmith, vet bills, Beritt, instruction .. Also you need you deal daily and will also need a large run.

We have for more ponies (1,30cm ~ 1.40 m) for each own box with 3 x 3.5 m. You get daily 15 kg hay. Say ca 450 kg month. Hay, we have to buy with 0,25 Euro per kg. So are 112.5 EUR hay per month. So she get per 3day kg of pellets for Ponies 90 kg per month. 20 euros for a 25 kg sack. So 72 euros per month. Sagespähne: Sprinkle least 2-3 bales per week. about 10 bales per month -> 80 Euro. Altogether, 264.5 euros per month.

We have for the large (1.50cm ~ 1.60m) for each own box with 4.5 x 4.5 m. Daily will get 20 kg of hay. Speak about 600 kg in the month. Hay, we have to buy with 0,25 Euro per kg. So are 150 euros per month hay. So she got a day 6 kg pellets 180 kg per month. 20 euros for a 25 kg sack. So 144 euros per month. Then we sprinkle a Sagespähne with. Pro.Woche 3 bales. 96 euro per Monat.also total of 390 Euro.

As retaining:

- SStrom and water costs

-Wurmkur 4x per year to € 20 each.

-Hufschmied Every 6 ~ 8 weeks. Ca 60 euros each time.

-At least 2 vaccinations for each 120 euro per year.

-Insurance 150 euro per year.

-And Veterinary costs (vary but ...)

Never forget that horses are herd animals. You need eeigentlich always a second horse to be really happy ... Besides others it is a big responsibility !!

The horse needs not only a "small" stable, it requires conspecifics, pasture, paddock and especially with holder Expertise! Horses are more expensive than dogs. Depending on the area, a barn including full board costs 200 € - 400 € per month, then comes farrier / hoof all 6- to 8 weeks (60 - € 180). Normal Ta costs (vaccination, worming, faeces, blood analysis) since come good cook as 100 - 150 € together. Then nehm3 still reasonable RU to so makes 100-200 € per month. For OP you can pay about 3,000 € loose times, suggested surgical insurance (costs 12 € / month) does not cover them all. A "normal" colic may sometimes no less than € 500 costs, depending on when it happens. Petty expenses can be skipped with roughly € 50 per month. Basic tools is so between 800 - 3000 €.

Not to be underestimated is also the zeitl. Effort. If the horse is in full board, it is of course shorter than self-sufficient

Acquisition costs go from 300 € to open end

Packages answers are difficult, but with a dog you can not compare that. Depending on where you set the horse (at the farm you pay one probably € 200 / month, in large private stables with hall, space and teaching some € 500 / month just for Einstallungs- and Heukosten! Moreover usually still additional food, then you have the blacksmith regularly come (every 6-8 weeks, a treatment usually costs between 60-150 €), TA-cost worming and vaccinations, equipment costs (one-time and saddle: a good not less than € 500;, repeatedly coming stuff like halter or rope go now times broken) insurance and more ...

In the month you can gain 500 € - 1.000 € expect, depending on where the horse is stabled and how many additional dranhängen (supplementary feed, special fittings, teaching, etc.) If a horse is sometimes ill does it quickly .. in the 4-digit . Then there is the enormous amount of time.

Anyone who wants to smile at a horse should have long ride, have much experience with horses, the money available to have (and 30 years) and a lot of time. Such a purchase will be carefully considered, it is finally a living and will be cared for humanely

Perhaps if duu have 5 Dogs: 0 A horse is a large, time-consuming and above all expensive affair! In the cost it is of 1000 € for a barely-trained, old or sick horse until today A "decent" horse you get from 2000 € and upwards is no limit! ... From and zuu feeding times and a small barn ... Whaaaat ?! A horse needs employment, regular feeding, vaccinations, must the blacksmith and and and ... a horse costs jee by region and attitude 300-600 € per month. In addition, should duu remember that a horse does not live only 5 years, but ideally more than 20 years! Suppose ye buys a 10-year-old horse, then that is in 15 years certainly still live! What if the money is running out? Or your sister simply has no desire? : 0 Thinking about it again after! LG LovesW

A horse is definitely more expensive than a dog! Alone in the acquisition already. Depending on how the horse is to be formed because you can ever get rid of a few thousand euros. The monthly costs are of course variable, but if you would leave for the horse in a stall, to fodder and hay from the barn owner gets one can sometimes even come loose at 300-600 € per month. To that we the farrier and veterinarian costs. Generally you should if a horse has enough money in the bank have to count to an eventual hospitalization. And that's not yet done. Since indeed come purchases such as saddle, bridle, halter, grooming equipment, treats, etc. thereto.

Hey Julius15,

I would recommend a foster or Mitreitepferd because you have no costs for the stable and the feed must take to you in this case. However, if you absolutely want to have my own horse, then I would recommend it as want to buy on one side. On this page there are horses and stable places. So you have to because you have to, for example, do not buy conspecifics less numbers.

Greetings, your barbie72

"My sister would like to own, I know you have to regularly feed times and it takes a little stable" And next week they want a guinea pig .. Can your sister ride? Can your sister handle horses? Is your sister old enough for your own horse? A horse does not need a little stable, but one, by having counterparts and daily pasture! The best would be open stable with a small herd. You do not buy just a horse and puts it into a barn to be time to time to put on it! Shock you that please from the head, a horse cost several hundred euros a month, and from your question you can rauslesen good that you have no idea of ​​horses absolute, let alone how one decent drum cares.

depends on how many dogs you think. of course it is more expensive and (still) time consuming. your sister is going on a reiterhof or ponyhof - since they can also ride, care for, clean, cuddling, etc. which is cheaper

you did not ask for another answer in earnest for "total" (long live), or? lifetime something more 10.000, - €

A horse costs several thousand euros, it does not need a little stable, but a large and it takes horse society. This is probably nothing with the horse for the little sister. With a toy horse but it could work.

Aaaaalso a horse is clearly cost more complex than a dog! The acquisition varies Night age and level of education and race ... Say NEN Haflinger, formed solid and the middle-aged you get so ca for 2500 €. The stall must indeed be adapted to the needs of horse and rider with us will cost something around 200 € per month. Farrier without iron about 30 €, with iron 60-120 € every 6-8 weeks! Veterinarian halt to vaccinate and then what comes incidentally. One should have a good reserve. Then insurance (liability, op) and the equipment (saddle, bridle etc unique about 1500 € but that now and then must be renewed). Yes then teaching (variable) ... I would first buy myself a horse care to watch what's on one belongs ... And to learn (ride and handling). Oh, and at some point the horse is no longer irritable and costs stop only ...

A horse is in the acquisition as early as 4-5 digits, and the costs are monthly CONFIRMED in higher triple digits.

800 (purchase price (Think no boundaries times) rent as 300- 600 / the dog can not exactly define it, comes to the racial purity and everything

A horse is more expensive than a dog

Even at such a question, it shakes me ...

500-600 € per month

A horse cost the same as a dog? Are you serious? Please talk serious questions in the forum

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