What does a man with: I'm afraid to fall in love with you "?

I (22) and my colleague (28) have been working for 6 months which together ..we always better spent much time together, and privately ..he is for 2 years awarded .. Now he told me last time: I like you so much, I'm so afraid to fall in love with you, "I said .I nothing to have unfortunately feelings for him .. he has now also feelings for me? Or what does he mean?

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What is there in this absolutely clear statement not to understand?

He is forgiven and is afraid that he is in love with you and risked his relationship. Probably it is too important to lose his girlfriend / wife to it.

He has feelings, or for you here what to develop. And he does not like.

Apparently so ... probably he would not jeopardize his marriage / relationship.

However, the sentiment is already stupid when one relationship is in a marriage /.

Good succeed :-)

japp there's more but he will not give up for you his jezige relationship, so afraid to fall in love

he means that he really love like you and if he spends more time with you, it may be that he is in love with you.

Yes, he means. But he is probably as it seems in conflict because he has a relationship and the problems knows that if he is in love with you.

So really this is a unique statement. He is awarded, but spends a lot of time with you and has certainly noticed that it could develop feelings for you / has. But he is in a relationship and do not want to put on this game, so he is afraid to fall in love. So that means he likes you and it could come so far that he falls in love but he did not want to leave.

He probably likes you more than just a good friend, but that did not want to.

But only he can tell you exactly that.

I have the time in the following context belongs: had the man afraid of refoulement or possible later separation. in your case offeltoffel but pretty.

He is afraid to fall in love with you, because it is actually already forgiven and he does not want to lead a double relationship.

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