What does a Small dog about a month?

Hi would like to buy me a little dog, what would he me about a month costs without the purchase price of the dog?

The best answer

It Costs a lot of time, a minimum of 2 hours per day (sanitary and mental work).

And quite a lot of nerves =).

Financially you may with about 100-150 euros monthly count.

with us this looks as follows:

  • 5.83 Euro dog tax (Our community requires 70, - Euro per year)
  • 5.92 Euro liability
  • 35.00 Euro Feed (We Barfen)
  • 37.90 health insurance
  • 30,00 reserves (necessary here due to medication, but should also be otherwise, of course)

Are almost 120, - Euro. My dog weighs 16kg.

It all depends on what you feed, where you live, etc.

But we must not forget the initial, which costs twice as much.

A lot and if money plays a role, then you should not even buy a dog himself. Besides, it can also happen that a larger OP must be made that also costs a lot. One should also consider what happens to the dog when driving or flying on holiday. Http://www.tierchenwelt.de/haustiere/haustier-hund/1677-wie-viel-kostet-ein-hund. ..

I pay a month for 43 cm ca.

40 - 50 euros for food + treats

12 euro tax and insurance

15 Euro vet (vaccination + deworming)

As of the other noted. Scheduling Unforeseen veterinary costs always. Since the border is open upward.


I think your question is not so easy to answer.

Costs vary greatly, and I take the costs as they come. In any case, the attitude of a dog is a costly affair. If the cost of running the dog play a major role would be to consider whether not better to dispense with the attitude of a dog.



Chihuahua small = 30-50 €

Slightly larger (Height 30-40cm) = 50-65 €

But that's only the fodder + nursing award, without veterinary costs and great extras.

One can also feed a dog cheaper but these feeds are not recommended.

Please feed quality forage such as Platinum or Wolfsblut or barfe your dog.

If you're lucky, only around 50 € fodder and nothing else. If you have pitch € 2,000

My two dogs cost me between 150 € -250 € +. But it was already in scarce 2000

What is a small dog? That everyone sees something different.

Control is from one town to verschieden..dann the lining and of course the equipment such as leashes, collars, baskets etc. then liability, vaccinations, toiletries and so on.

In addition to "running costs", it is advisable also very a cushion for unforeseeable veterinary fees apply. Depending on the treatment can come together as ruckzuck a few hundred Euros.

This is quite unterschidlich and can every month to look completely different.

That all depends on which food you buy, how often he gets sick, etc.

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