what does he mean with that? (Chat conversation)

Hello dear, my friend has met a boy in a chat. He asked her how old she is then she said that she is. 13 Then he said, "you're good with your mouth, and if so what for example?.?" You do not know exactly what he means. I can me already but think what you think? Your Amy :)

The best answer

He wanted to ridicule.

Did he, incidentally, managed with flying colors.

No whiskers but so ask a question, oh dear.

You should ask him even if he is actually good with the thinking box. But please Smiley behind, or he does not understand that she already knows the answer and would tell him only moderately subtle that the party is over for him.

Well could also be talking because some saven also "you have fallen on the mouth" if they say little or nothing

Of course, he thinks something with KüssenxD

He wants to know whether halt se blow good or / and kiss can

If we believe the same what he means by that yes he said determined (if you got it): D

Believe me. We just both thought the same ;-) and probably many others: D

Jaa what you you think is right xD

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