What does it mean if a dog lies on his back and rumwühlt itself?

My dog ​​(Labrador) very much and often falls asleep, and in the evening if I look a little television, he sometimes begins in my bed to turn on the back and be rumzuwühlen so, and I would like to know what that means. But it does not look as if that would make him itch. Feeling good? Or what does this mean? Can anyone explain to me?

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But it does not look as if that would make him itch.

yes, it may well be possible. See if he has fleas, dander or other lesions times. There are also mites that live under the dog's skin, these are of course not visible. Then you should go to the vet and examine the dog / Seek.


I also have a dog and he does the same

that means that he really feels at home and the dog trust to you has.

this reckeln is usually a sign of entspnnung and wohlfuehlen, mine krnurppelt because sometimes to himself .. (alps not -but rather growl "purr") ...

My makes often for minutes at the beach in the sand or, much better, in fresh alluvial algae ... ^^ This is called roll and is a sign of well-being.

My dog ​​makes Anyway, just not in bed but in the grass. What do I know they do it so naturally, so as instinct :)

My doing, he would be

My do it because it makes them fun

Enter Neither expression of vitality, or your bed muffelt so that it would cover the smell its odor. This is a basic instinct, from the time when the ancestors had to hunt themselves yet.

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