What does my dog ​​on the ear lobe?

My dog ​​has been few months this wart (?) On the earlobe. Does anyone know what that is? Is it dangerous or should I order to the vet?

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Either there is an accumulation of fat, a type of wart, or perhaps a small tumor.

Then take your dog for security to insure the vet to you that it is not bad and if it does, the veterinarian will tell what to do!

A tick is not 100%, if you want to learn like a would look post them so just google quickly.

Also, check with the words 'Tumor Dog Ear' images of tumors in the ear.

Lg. Lena

Is that a tick?

Or have you ever removed a tick on the site? It could be that since then plug when removing the head still remained and now festers.

Better you go so times to the vet and let the judging. He would also still the same offer suitable treatment / medication.

Should it be a tick, then remove it, in which you can pull them out with tweezers and afterwards annihilating. then lives might further if you only throw away. Then they threatened again someday a human or animal.

This looks to me also close a tick from the tick with tweezers not pull turn when removing ..würde possibly the blank making the veterinarian if you are unsure you there

This looks already pretty creepy. How big is that thing? I always go out of me, I was something to grow on the ear lobe, I go to the doctor.

Oooooo that's a tick RISEN most quickly in vet

& I would like to the vet, you have clarity.

This is not a tick !!!

I think this "greenhouse" for fat accumulation at a point where maybe a tick has been removed.

It may also be a type of wart ...

As long as this "thing" does not change bloody or the dog by itching

pretty torments, you do not need a vet immediately.

When the next routine visit to the vet is because due?

(Pictures of ticks can be using Aunt Google so times all ...)

Looks actually made by a wart. But I would show it to safety once the veterinarian.

Go to the vet

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