What does my dog? You know advice?

Hi, do you know what our Woof? He: eats his food not, is (only treat) much, drinks little, is very affectionate and often licking the genital area. and that is damp and cool but since this morning .... nose. Normally it will be an attentive, affectionate dog who drinks enough (but not much) and be happy to accept food. You know what it is and how do I get him to eat? LG

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If he eats badly or too little, then he has a problem. The vet can give a good advice to you safely. It also comes on what you feed. Our dog likes only Belcando feed. Wet and dry food.

Trying times with a different type of food or ask the vet what you should do.

It may well be possible that your dog is a dog, and he read a newspaper a trace of a bitch in heat with in the nose get and is now in love? My dog ​​went so far always .Betreff food you can try also msl with a bone and bars.


I would first measure fever! 39grad are normal in dogs ... Was he at Gassigehen flashy? Problems with urinating or defecating noticed? Are bitches in heat at the time in your area? Perhaps he is lovesick ...

If he continues to behave so unusually, a trip to the vet will be necessary.

The Wuffi seems sick. Licking could indicate a bladder infection. I would catch him and today off the Internet at the vet before closing time. A dog that does not eat is not healthy and is in treatment! Cystitis is way super painful, even for a dog. Do not torment him, and go to the vet.

Get well for Wuffi!

You know what it is and how do I get him to eat?

go to the vet and let examine the dog. Obviously he's not fine. Anorexia is not a good sign!

The vets are open much longer, do you fast on the way!

Please go to the vet today -as emergency because something is wrong

This can be anything. I can without the dog sense you do not diagnose. Go to the vet if it does not get better with him until tomorrow. The vet will ask for urine and feces, if he settles the normal and ask you about your feeding habits. For this you also write anything. Therefore, remote diagnostics with such inaccurate information must be impossible.

I would go with the "woof" time the way to the vet antreten.LG and speedy recovery to the "woof")

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