What does my lapi

Hello Ladies and Gentelmans and thanks for the effort on your part. The Lord Doc sends a computer in the desert. Justification: Four monitors to the old Pc infected Unfortunately, without success. "Do not give up when things are not so Runs". Now I found the old Lapi with a problem which remains a mystery to me (see picture), thanks to Windows updates, he went briefly to a resolution of 1440x .... WHAT sufficient to monitor NEW to do with Hdmi ... Now the Lapi has often a trailer, the problem I have Manuel Unignore him, mouse and keyboard are incapacitated at the moment and an unpleasant noise comes my way.

On one answers I'm really happy.

The best answer

With 99% probability it the graphics chip (nVidia I take time to) is defective.

The power button down for 3 seconds or (what would FAIRLY risky) removing the battery

Hello AnimalYet,

Now I found the old Lapi with a problem which remains a mystery to me (See picture)

Does that look only at the laptop screen or on the external monitor so?

thanks Windows updates he went briefly to a resolution of 1440x .... WHAT sufficient to make the NEW Monitor Hdmi ...

What hardware (in particular graphics card / GPU) is because built into the laptop?

and an unpleasant noise comes my way.

And how does that sound? Can you describe a bit more specific?

Greetings - bormolino | Team PC Help

Here still looks a picture as a whole

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