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Hey, I go to a vocational school, and there's a girl. Now I even got me some time ago a crush on her or in her appearance as I did not know her. It has also shown interest, repeatedly looked over. Since I have not dared to speak to her, she often looked at me angry when passing by. Then I just tried it and given her my number, but they did not appear.

Since I ignore something and not more often look to her, she can be in the break not look, then always goes into a lounge where to meet pupils / inside at recess. If it comes to me, I see her trying desperately not to look at me. But when I stand in the classroom during the break at the window and spicke over in her classroom, I see how she always looks back to me.

Last in the break I went with a friend in school transition towards schoolyard because I have noticed that the girl is behind me, she went faster and faster until she was just ahead of us and then moved shortly before us over, so it has crossed our path and has gone into this space.

I then a few friends on the subject in demand and a thought that they only want to have attention and wants to know how I anspringe on it so that it is good because before her friends and tell the others, they will not only attention, but more from me.

What is your opinion on the subject and you can send me as perhaps help I can do is to do or. I would be happy in any case on tips and advice!


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You think you definitely like. Ask her again if you go to the movies together.

You can as almost to infinity speculate why she does it ...

But if you want Klareit, they ask.

You gave her your number, they did not appear.

That's all there is to it and I would not think further about it!

haha I've also already had. probably more attention, but vlt she wants to be just addressed. I hbae always made the mistake and am nichtauf the girl approached. characterized ichs ir playful

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