What does that mean? I'm single and have to constantly think of him when I hear that song!


Whenever I lied "Daniel Powter -.?? Hear Bad Day) I think of a friend of mine with whom I am friends on ps3 What does that mean Gotta be worried I mean I used to be just constantly profilbild what he on fb intends eye! If I hear another song is not so!

I do not understand and ask for help!

The best answer

There is absolutely nothing unusual with you certain associations with certain events of any kind may be this that certain situations always respectively also cause to some individuals. A greater importance than necessary You have this circumstance, however, does not attach.

It is quite normal that you associated to certain songs or certain situations people. Do not worry about times.

Songs evoke memories. That's nothing bad or abnormal. By best. Songs you will on people, moments and reminds odors. That's something nice.

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