What does this 'Caliphate'?

The ISIS or IS (Islamic State) has in front of Greece to Ethiopia to build / make a caliphate. What's Caliphate: P And no, please no 'Google helps you' or the like

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Was the first form of government in Islam and stood for unity with / as head of an Islamic community.

The Caliph - the head - and other officials represent the people and the religion. They should follow the rules of faith reign (Sharia or Sharia).

Kalif = successor / representative (of the Prophet)

The khalifah is in Islam the introduction of Sharia law with the caliphate of khalifa is then the leader of the Muslims but this needs the approval of all Muslims and since you certainly not true Muslims will agree with these barbarians they are wrong, they use religion to to power to come and sharia is not a barbaric life she is beautiful but this is to be introduced with force against civilians banned people who are doing something would islamists Muslims Sharia must bring with violence would probably all 1.8 billion active case but we are Muslims not because we preferred to make peace

Caliphate is nothing else than a state headed by a caliph is, who is also the religious and secular ruler, said Gottresstaat suggests that only the divine laws, so in the case of the Koran, Sharia law.

In the earlier days of Islam was the Caliph of Baghdad the "ruler of all believers." He dominated the Arab Empire of Spain, the north of Africa and the entire Middle East in.

Probably the most famous (also because of the many movies about this time) was Haroun al Raschid.

Sharia should apply everywhere, human rights are overridden and those barbarians dominate everything.

A caliphate is a single country in the world where only the rules apply in islam

Thus, in 1000 and one night or the Caliph of Bagdad.Das is such a system where his bird there, you tongue out cuts when you laugh inappropriate about him or when he passes with his court and you do not lie down on the knees in front of them he is always right even though he wrong tut.So like an absolute ruler .Außerdem.

http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalifat where is the problem? : D


The Caliphate is an Islamic State by a caliph (king, president) is ruled, the State has to meet a number of factors to be considered Caliphate

Away from all the part unqualified statements here shortly following. Caliph comes from Arabic khalifa, ie successor. He was referring first of the deceased prophet in government office (the Prophethood was complete). The first khalifa was Abu Bakr, an elderly companion of the Prophet. He was followed by Omar Ibn al-Khattab, Osman Ibn Affan and Ali Ibn Abi Tĝlib. From khalifa nr. 5 (Muawiyya) began the inheritance of the caliph Office dynastic. The first dynasty was the Umayyad, then the Abbasid (one of which was Harun at-Rashid), and it was followed by many more. The rich soon disintegrated. There was even then not only a Caliph. The last ruler who called himself Caliph, was the last Ottoman sultan. ... Then it was time the so-called Caliph of Cologne (Metin Kaplan) -. And now the "caliphs" al-Badgdadi. ... The but is not entitled to use such a title because the Muslims do not recognize him in an absolute majority and reject him completely. He's a dangerous charlatan. Every Muslim who does not pay allegiance is, eh death. As these come to terms The Muslims of Europe with the company in any way. This is in ISIS-eyes disbelief. And by their extreme interpretation of the Quran, they must be killed consequently. ... I wish that düs even those times understand that not cease to accuse the Muslims all and alienating. They were good and especially numerous allies against the extremists threatening too.

The Caliphate is a religöse monarchy according to the rules of Islam.

What is going in Iraq, is simply a fascist dictatorship. Al-Baghdadi is the leader of this islamic be giving open dictatorship. Leader of his gang.

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