What dog breed meets my needs

I currently have 2 dogs and go with them every day a large round by bike. Lately I'm so a comic one encounters and now my mother is worried, because it will also have been kidnappings, etc. They wanted me no longer even let go, but now we are in agreement that if I hollow me a bigger dog who takes care of me, I must go on. My current dog nähmlich quite small.

So I'm looking for a big, respekteinflösenden dog that can also run fast and a lot in any weather. I'm no longer a beginner, therefore it does not have to be a super easy dog.

I hope you have good ideas

LG Yingyan

The best answer

no dog must defend yourself if you wirst-- attacked he would remove you immediately and gebraht-- the animal shelter a dog is not there DAFR to defend yourself, this he would need a special training, you but can not afford - faht halt ne other track, where more people are traveling.

otherwise, if you have sooo small dogs, I wonder why you're coming with bicycle where - that can t he but not at all afford --körperlich!

A dog who aupaßt on you, there's not, you have the dog beware sorum is a shoe out.

With you there were abductions? Equal in plurality? And the kidnappers are still running around free? Better to pull around.

I would recommend you rather attend a self-defense course.

Sounds to me more like to troll question. No mother would come to such a stupid idea. One knows herein are subject rja never if the dog wants to play the Bewachser. Then when in any case only a shelter dog in question is already fully grown, because a puppy is still small and can not you watch let alone ride with you bicycle.

And as an adult dog you have to simply with nem shelter to ask if they dahaben such a dog can ever be passed into the hands of a child.

Shepherd !! would Berna Sennen else might suggest, but that does not run like

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