What dog breed should I buy me?

I have again a question for you and although I would like a dog purchase but I do not know which breed is right for me. Now I will answer some questions that will help you to help me: D We live in a house and have a fairly large garden. Our financial situation is relatively good, and in our house no one is allergic to dog hair but we want the future of our dog does not shed as much, he is not drooling as much. It should not be too small and not too big. Ah, and we have 2 children and 2 adults in the household, the children between 10 and 11 years and know the dog no toys are. If this was not enough can you provide me with more important issues for dogs choice.

The best answer

I admit now times a completely different tip, because with recommendations of breeds I stick out.

If you sometime think you have the dog breed found that matches you then please search on for example a dog forum people in your area have this breed. Most are available for each race its own forum.

so many dogs Meet the Breed know in order to determine if the breed fits not only in theory.

We did. We were eventually think that a Ridgeback would fit. After we met 7, we have found that it is not our race. I can not say why you - a gut feeling. Then we became interested in the Saarloos Wolfdog and although the race is very rare, we learned only one then another 4 know and immediately we knew - yes that is our race. My dog ​​is now 4.5 years old and we have 9 months ago still brought a bitch to which is now 11 months old. It was and is the best decision of our lives.

Therefore, the races get to know and let you with the decision time. After all, it is a decision for 10-15 years.

How will you deal with the dog, how active you are, how much time can and will you daily to the training and put the load?

Will make her dog sports? Who will take over the main work of the training / employment? Can you deal with a hunting instinct of the dog?

Children your age as could never hold a Bernese Mountain Dog if he attracts, even if it were allowed with you that you are allowed to run with it (some Länder there are limits). The hunting instinct of a sled dog / Huskies you do not get mostly under control.
For each race there are pros and cons, depending on what you can afford it and want.

Because I would never advise beginners to a puppy would be certainly most appropriate time to look at the shelter if you a responsive directly. The nurse can tell whether the dog by nature fits into a family you then.

Race is actually of secondary importance because you can always catch the "outliers" of the breed's typical properties.

I would you a mix of Labrador and golden retriever recommend (sry do not know how to spell that) we also have a and has short hair (like a Labrador halt) and is less than a golden retriever So from your specifications would the perfect match , The gold is like a golden retriever and not drooling. : DAußerdem a great family dog: D I hope could help.

Golden Retriver (Sorry wnn it is misspelled)

I would also labrator and golden retriver recommend because the really good family dogs

Labradors were good: they have short fur, are fond of children, which can also play properly (ie Frisbee or ball), are also affectionate and loyal. I have one too:)

we would not so much haart our future dog, he is drooling and not so much. It should not be too small and not too big.

Poodle, medium in size, hair not, not drooling, are intelligend, funny and very fond of children! but need to look beautiful, every 6 weeks are shorn.

From a puppy I would advise beginners as puppies the first few months can not be left alone and initially Waiting need like a baby.

First time but if you look at the shelter, the dogs there are already vaccinated and microchipped finished and examined by a veterinarian.

is because someone all day at home? If does not fall off a puppy anyway.

Otherwise, go together to the shelter, says that what you are imagining what you plan with the dog and look at the dogs.

Labrador I would recommend

Hello, poodle are contrary to their old reputation very good dogs - scot they look nice. And they are athletic and poodle does not shed,

VG Christina

Bernese Mountain Dog

I would recommend you, you look around the shelter. There are wonderful and lovable dogs. We are gone without being dedicated to a special breed and there are 2 great dogs brought. : D

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