What dog breed we have?

Hey Dear people, we purchased junior us a few weeks ago. Our two dogs ARE BROTHERS. However, we wonder, are made of what our sweetening everything. And at a sheepdog share we are quite safe.

Just to be clear, we love our dogs, but are just curious. : P

A DNA test would be possible, however, to read, too, that the results of an often only irritate even more.

Image: Mina left Rayka right.

Maybe someone has a clue of you and can help us. best regards

The best answer

how old and large, heavy are they? for Shepherds see the legs a bit short of even whom they could look strong by Belgians also be pointed

consist of what our sweetening everything

the seller can not say anything?

of German Shepherd, Dachshund (because of the short legs) to Spitz seems to have dabbled much.

I think Broder Collie.

I know net as accurately villeicht Sheepdog / Caucasian kp sorry

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