What dog liability can you recommend?

Seeking a good liability insurance for my dog. Can you recommend me some? Which I should keep away?

Thank you :)

The best answer


THE good dog insurance, there is probably not, any more than there are bad THE insurance.

It all depends on what services you want to have included, how many dogs are insured and what price you want to pay - possibly even a deductible.

There are many check programs on the Internet. Since you give a, what do you expect from your dog insurance and then get listwise deals. The included services you should read well - and consider whether you need them or if important services are missing (for oneself).

- Walk "foreign" people with the dog, they should be insured

- Do the dog run off leash?

- You live in a rented apartment and it may be that your dog causes damage in there?

- You ride into the dog abroad

- You go to dog events

etc. pp.

A deductible personally I would always refuse and for the following reasons:

- Many damages caused, one would have to pay yourself (when the dog jumps time, the damaged or soiled clothing, etc.)

- The savings compared to the same insurance without excess is rather low.

Also too long tie (eg for 3 years) I would not be to an insurance - but even that is up to you.

Good succeed


The insurance is highly dependent on your needs, wants glad: What do you want to be assured, if you want deductible, how long should be the duration, what breed is your dog etc .. It is difficult because ne give recommendation.

I have completed my insurance here, as you can see there all the tariffs on the market and call with questions: http://www.vergleichen-und-sparen.de/hundehaftpflicht.html

Since there are relatively many with good conditions. The following points should be considered / reviewed:

Number and breed of dogs (some insurers take for some breeds surcharge)

Coverage: min. 3-5 Mill.

SB: No (reason - see dsupper)

Damage caused by intended and unintended mating (mE important in males)

Damage to rented immovable property (such as flooring, stairs - important for rented apartment)

Damage to rented turned equalized matters (eg furniture, means - important for apartments, hotel rooms). This point can be found only on some tariffs.

Insurance coverage in tournaments and drama performances

What should necessarily be accurately controlled, that is also in breach holder obligations (eg leash laws) insurance covers.

I ask the following does not imply endorsement, which are insurers with whom I have had good experiences and that are low in very good conditions: (sometimes complicated claims settlement some) NV Insurance, VHV, Hanse-Merkur, Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt (very good but unfortunately now also expensive).

The conditions are largely the same. If you pay € annual fee between 60 and 80, it does not really matter where you are insured.

It is not the dog insured but the holder insured themselves against liability.

I've got my holder liability, where I also have my personal liability. When HUK. Whether this is the best, or the cheapest, I do not know, but I am a long time (decades) there and had only one loss with dog. has not subsequently terminated me, and it will not do so in a further damage. I do not want to be in a situation that no one takes me more, because I was already terminated parmal.

My tip: Ask for the insurance of, when you have other Veträge. Also, enns a few euros more expensive is in. Since the chances are not canceled in case of damage are highest because then have scared that one takes all contracts. And without holder liability should not stand you.

... And why must the be good for you? She must be good for any claimant, right? My PH takes the animal free with on until the end of paid annual premiums, and only then the animal needs its own and called HUK Coburg. Good luck.


my now deceased male has about 4 to 5 times each caused damage. Any damage was impeccably controlled by my insurance, so I have my current dog also insured there.

HUK I find enmpfehlenswert.



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