What dog treats?


What dog treats feeding her and can you recommend?

The treats should be suitable for a small puppy (about 10 weeks, Norwich Terrier)!

The treats should but to my knowledge no cereals contain a lot of meat. The treats should not be too expensive and, like Alpenglück where cost as a few grams resembled € 17.

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Treats should be used as sparingly as possible - in the education and learning the basic commands they afford but invaluable.

Nevertheless, one does not feed them in quantities. AND the dog must totally love to eat - otherwise are purpose there.

I just train a 6 year old Spanish greyhound, which of course I feed very healthy. But with the treats she finds it very difficult - in fact they can do nothing "irritate" when she sees something out "Huntable". BUT if I have the little "Frolic go" in your pocket - it looks quite different. (That there are certainly healthier treats, it is also clear!).

But for training is important, first and foremost, that the "reward" a high stimulus to the dog exercise - otherwise everything is not really good. After a very short time, when the dog the "command" mastered, you go anyway to a word of praise and a Streichler.

Such treats are not "forever" and not "in amounts". This is like the chocolate for "brave" Children! (Even that is not really healthy - specifically used but very helpful (lol).

Good succeed


I'll get the Doukas dried duck breast and cut it to me in 1 cm pieces. I praise but only when relearn things with Futterlob, later has my vote and a stroke range. The price of treats is matrimonial matter, since one anyway only very little feeding. My example is totally happy with a piece of apple - it does not always have meat.

What dog treats feeding her and can you recommend?

which you can bake yourself, then you know also what is inside.


my dogs love them!

if you the exercises exciting gestaltest, you are interesting for your dog, you can give him almost anything to offer as leckerli what you can answer. my, otherwise rather picky eating, even vegi treats when it is full at the thing.

if I introduce something new, then I take dog sausage from horse, or sometimes wiener. but usually dry food or treats from the mini fachhandel.

Cut the meat into cubes and at 100 ° C and open the oven door to the oven for approximately 3 hours =).

Or bake itself. On the web there are plenty of recipes without cereals etc.

We feed as Leckerlie Platinum Lamb + Rice. This is also grain-free and has a high proportion of meat.


I was taught that treats is an absolute NO GO.

Positive behavior and Reward dogs with us through praise and cuddling. Never, however, by treats.

In the wild, the parents do not run with treats around and reward members of the pack with a positive behavior with treats.



I dry my flesh even in the oven. These are the healthiest treats out there.

Single Cut meat into the desired size and at 100C in the oven. The door let a gap open.

It's best to bake a few yourself, there are many recipes. :-)

my sister's dog expert but unfortunately I know only one thing of you: the dog after eating marrow type that is healthy, tastes each dog and cleans teeth!

Hundelekerli itself bake> Find out more, see link> http://www.antonacci.de/sancho/leckerli.html

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