What editing program?

Hi, I have a YT channel of already about 100 Abbos has. I have my videos always cut with Movie Maker. But I would now be "professional". ^^ Can you suggest me other programs. On my old Mac I had iMovie but I now have a Windows 8 :)

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I think it comes down to what do you for videos. If there are vlogs or similar I would advise you something professional, such as Final Cut Pro (Mac is, however, a program)

For Let's Plays etc suitable as tschaeaen has already written as Magix Video Deluxe or similar

Good that you want from the Movie Maker away. I can tell you, if you put Apple users are Final Cut Pro close. Sony Vegas is also very professional. Otherwise, cross the most normal: Premiere Pro, After Effects and so on :)

Magix video deluxe Costs but what

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