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Hi I am 16 and are some time have before me zuzulegen a moped. Since I have very little experience and do not know in which direction (make / model) should I look around me, I hope that someone can help me. I am very interrested on mountain biking and may include some things on the bike (wheelies, Whips, etc). So I have a certain feeling for the 2 wheels. ;) Now I'm considering to get an enduro that I can sometimes boarded the terrain. Or even a Supermoto. Terrain I have indeed on the MTB. (125cc - is clear)

Now to the real question: I do not have so much coal and would want to stay in the range 1000-2000 € and it can also be used. Only I do not know which brand and which model I can feel as well. KTM exc six days? Yamaha? Gas Gas? Rather 2-stroke or 4-stroke? which is recommended for a beginner? (I'm not the greatest screwdriver and heard KTM to be vulnerable)

Would be very happy if someone can help me! :)

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Ok, here is raging a mixture of madness and ignorance.

The KTM EXC series are competitive machines, pure sports equipment for Enduro racing. Gas Gas it looks from most of the same way. For such a competition KTM a rear costs 600 €. Since you will not get far with your budget. In addition, the absolute zero is good for the Attag. You can also not go with NEM Formula 1 car to work.

heard KTM will be vulnerable

You hear it over and over again. Come Jackass the Wettbewerbsmoppeds not vonm everyday / distinguish Gebrauchtmoppeds. When I trim a high-performance machine uncompromising lightweight construction is the natural care Ornate as a machine that has been designed for everyday use. If KTM builds a machine for everyday life, then the hällt also.

Ne other thing is the mischief with the Supermoto. A Supermoto is an Enduro on which one has mounted 17 inch rims to use there racing / sports tires can. But such tires do on a Anfängermopped no sense and work not at all on such a slight 15hp Mopped. And everyday life tires work much better on the 21 "/ 18" wheels Enduro. 15PS SM is so Blödfug.

What is one concrete advise you now? No idea. In the budget you just have to look at what the market ever forth are. You can do consider what from an established manufacturer comes.

A bow I would to do everything that comes from a pure trademark, behind the no manufacturer is and where you do not has where the bike comes. Since mainly concerns the whole Chinamoppeds.

If you really want something good and have cheap for the first two years up to your 18th, then you kannich the Kreidler Supermoto or MZ recommend Supermoto genuine. Basically, I'd pick NEN 4-stroke me. The most important is that you sit on it, and you go as far as possible sample. Good luck in your search.

So I would go to an Enduro. The alleged Supermotos are nonsense (a make on thick shaft and with less than 15 ps not ausn ar .. coming every biker laughs kaput da)

Look at times the betas at: http://www.betamotor.com/de/enduro/bikes

to KTM the racing series are bikes and the need to maintain and need as all the other bikes from motorsport also very much maintenance. 20-40 hours new piston. Now there is also the stripped-bikes from KTM for Führerscheinneulinge- but the maintenance and care has remained, who do not therefore pay attention to the maintenance of the engine components and the bike runterrockt- for is KTM vulnerable ( "Susceptible" wrong word - should be called - who can not hear have to stop paying). So I can say, since you have already schreibst- little money. Not to go to KTM.

Hello :)

So I bought 125 2-stroke me ne Kawasaki Kmx. I can only recommend as it is a 2-stroke engine and the clearly better than pulling a 125e r4-stroke engine. Gibts for about 1500 € including in your price budget. And they are very robust and durable built, because it is not hochgezüchet how many other scooters with 125cc and 30-40ps.

and how matrix791 already said are 125cc Supermoto with 15ps actually nonsense :)

Ne 4-stroke engine is recommended for a beginner

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