What happened between the Turks and the Chinese?

Can someone please explain jmd what is going on and why all my Turkish friends have a blue flag turkey as the profile?

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it is about the conflict to the Uyghur in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. The Uyghur are a Muslim minority in China suffering from discrimination. As part of this conflict, it always comes back to violence. 2009 died nearly 200 people during protests in Urumqi City. The blue flag that you have addressed is the symbol of the Uighur independence movement.

Currently there are again amplified voltages. Among other things, the Uyghur fasting was prohibited during Ramadan. Many (Turkish) people want to show solidarity by showing the flag with the Uyghur in China and draw attention to their situation

Here you can find more information on the subject: http://de.qantara.de/inhalt/unterdrueckung-der-uiguren-unter-kontrolle

I am a Turk and I Keineeee idea because you have to ask your friends;)

Ask her simple :) The Turkish policy is very skilled and covered up many things before the people and the media. Erdogan makes currently no friends ^^

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