What happens if you do not 10 years takes a shower?

What happens to the body when one no longer pays attention to hygiene. I had heard that the body somehow cleans itself. In today's society, it is impossible not to take a shower 2 days, because it is quickly noticed by other fellows.

The best answer

Shake vigorously once, then splintered from the dirt. ;)

So showering much for the skin anyway not healthy. You will smell no longer dewy after a few days, but terminally ill nor will they be. As long as you were healthy at the start of your experiment, the body will mobilize all its own forces to resist dirt. Would have to test just try to keep the mucous membranes and wounds of bacteria and germs free. In wartime, thousands of soldiers and refugees who have to do without cleaning. Really Healthy survived it fortunately.


  • Joke: It will weigh 10 kg.
  • Ernst: Healthwise is perhaps better to take a shower with chemistry as a day which frees our skin calculated by the important protective layer.

The truth is how many times in the middle. I do a lot of sport. Daily, often several times. I shower then always but often only possible with water. And so it is correct. I wish you a nice Wednesday

A body cleans itself not by itself !!! So you'll not only look like not showered 10 years but also so smelly! Inclusive all the creatures that have accumulated in your hair and body folds ... Yummy!

After half a year no longer do you need to wash yourself, put them spatula or wire brush to Reinigung.Hat another Vorteile.Du'll always have a seat on the bus have because all heels nehmen.Auch your teacher will keep his distance.

I can not imagine that the body cleanses itself from me. I rather think that because the maggots etc. come and visit these people.

If a man two days not showering, it is perceived by people. I agree with you to conditionally. I know a case of every showered tomorrow. Nevertheless, he smelled as if he some weeks not showered. This was the bullying that he experienced at that time. A so-called Antstschweiß. When a person is negatively perceived, there may well be other reasons (except lack of hygiene).

Then you die probably at any inflammation, especially if you for some reason has an open wound, you should disinfect them, ie to take a shower.

"I had heard that the body somehow purifies himself"

How does it work?

One does not necessarily take a shower when you wash enough. This Vielduscherei harm namely skin.

1. how does it work? 2.Du will very lonely

By the time you everyone will go out of the way.

I think then you can knock off the dirt using a hammer and chisel

you will be lonely .......

I know a few people with whom you'd think they had not showered already 10 years.

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