what happens next? Initial stage love

Hello! My Internet acquaintance and I have already met 2x and have already kissed. We get along great and everything is just right! I have him already told that I miss him ... He said he also me. But further we are not yet. Although we write every day. I want to finally but be with him do not know ... What do you think? we have feelings fit but none there right on ... And now?

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Just do not rush, the more slowly the better. That depends entirely on its own. If you're brave, you can talk about it with him ... good luck :-)

Why again this haste, the faster you'll be with your Internet acquaintance faster so you'll be able to play away from her. You have now been met you twice and that's great, just so awful lot now not again. So Meet up continue and sooner or later the node is already burst yet.

Power but slowly, why the rush?

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