What hobbies you can do where you go out?

Hi, I'm starting next month with cheerleading. That's not the pompoms! As you move a whole lot and it is challenging. I'll then 2 times a week training zim go but I'd like to do something else. I was 7 years long ride and love it still but I just can not find a good riding more. I am athletic and I hope you have some suggestions for me. It may be with animals and also community sport. However, I can not deal with balls. I go every year during the winter ski and snowboarding and was already the first time with a year on the skis. I hope you can help me. LG Svenja?

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Athletics sports club, I would imagine that you're pretty good. That's in the summer always outside (spring to autumn - with us anyway).

Geocaching ... It's OK ... costs nothing, are in the fresh air and you can alone or with no matter how much people make

Athletics, Boxing, Judo.

Cut the lawn. I know because a slightly bigger lawn ...

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