What I have for a dog?

Hi folks, I have a dog get the worde sold to us as Shi Tzu Mongrel. He has a gentle, playful, sweet nature, but I'm always asked what I have for a dog and I can answer never, because he does not like the abovementioned dog: D watch you please times the picture!
Thank you :*

The best answer

As more of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was probably involved ... From Chihuahua I see little to nothing ...

But all but does not matter anyway - hopefully he's healthy!

And when people ask strange, you can answer: it is one of the rare in Germany to be seen StraGraMi ...

(Among us: Road grave mix)

But that's all nobody's business.

That might be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel be

Shih-Tzu mixed breed could go, but he has nothing of Chihuahua, possibly it is also King Charles Spaniel Mix

https: //www.google.de/search q = + cavalier king charles + spaniel + & client = opera & on ...

Could a Shi Tzu Mix (but rather nd with Chihuahua) or even a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix

Shi-Tzu is very clearly present. Chihuahuaha I see not. The coat color and structure tends to favor something else. However, small breeds are not exactly my specialty, the Shi-Tzu but already ;-)

Looks very out after King Charles Spaniel.

shi tzu and longhair chihuahua might fit ... and Mama you've certainly learned

Maybe a cocker spaniel hybrid

Do not you have his parents never saw? bought Aufm Polenmarkt?

* Above-mentioned dog looks: D have forgotten looks

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