What if dog stops eating !?

Hey, I'm a bit nervous about my dog ​​he no longer wants to be dried fodder eat I do not know if it's because I have given in the last feed of the can ?? Do you know that?? What should I do

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First things first, since when no longer eat your dog? If it is only today or yesterday and he drinks at least, you have you still not to worry. It really could be that you have "hooked" him with the canned food and he now sulking in a way. :) Would not the first animal that tries to feeding-denial, his master / mistress to persuade continue to buy the most expensive canned food. If he takes because of treats? Just check it with a food that he would not refuse in life (liver sausage, dog treats etc.). Should he unconditionally chew, it can at least be anything physical like a toothache. If he rejects it, however, and responds to the touch of the snout with whimpering or the like, I'd go to the doctor with him.

But I rather think that your favorite zickt and you should quite simply sit out. Eventually he will be hungry and forced to eat the dry food!

How long eats Your dog because no longer? If it shows any signs otherwise that it is not doing well?

dry food is very bad for dogs - they had the 5-6 times at fluessigkeit drink it - otherwise it has langfristignegative follow for kidney etc ...

usually there is also a big part of the dry fodder not apply of cereals, which can pet ... a good can-feed with 70% fleischinhat and vegetable without crop is for the dog 100x better and erpart vet cost you ...

get informed about healthy dog ​​food - your dog deserves it!

Look here www.barfers.de

Mix the whole thing, of course, he has become accustomed to the canned food.

Only dry food is not good. From time to time also cook for yourself, chicken with rice or potatoes. Pay attention to the digestion of the animal.

When TA seek advice or the breeder

Maybe he has a toothache, go with him to the vet

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