what if no dog waste bag is nearby? is can afford to let an argument are there

My dog ​​always does on the same field, it is in a park on the bush and I have yet to hear the he not allowed to do there ... But there are also within 100m no dog waste bags? Can I leave it

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Um hello, can you really buy in any pet trade, partly also in the discounter .... Or take other plastic bags .... but not put away does not go really !! The only dog ​​haters even more fodder for their sick thoughts.

You wanted the dog, so take away the legacy, it's just you alone responsible!

one wonders now and already, what the commune dog tax collects while providing as little disposal options available. But that question is a new one.

Of course you have to kot Dispose, so before you go walkies check if you have bags here. maybe you should sometimes run a new round? ....

No, for the packaging you have to make yourself. These bags stand are a nice touch of the municipality but not mandatory.

No, or you may leave your garbage just because no trash around is ?! With us in the entire district are no bag dispenser, and certainly not outside. That's why there are so synonymous to buy ?! Then you take hold with which

No, it's up to you to find another transport solution for feces - you've finally your hands (and you should just put a few plastic bags in your pocket, then you have such problems no longer)


All you need to buy them, pick it up and when there is no garbage can also take away, home.

What irritates me - Your dog's always on the same meadow ?! but you run hopefully not only to one and the same field but doing right big walks and also to different places, right?

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