what info do you get when you phone number with Czech network like


I have several times tried in vain a German number to call (without the country code) and always got immediately by a sms reachability info. the number xxxx is reachable again. .....

it may be that the person had chi network?

between calling and sms were not 20 seconds ....

I hope the question is understandable.

or know someone who had info you get if you call a mobile number to the network of Czech Republic.

many thanks for any object ...


The best answer

in mobile communications, it is in any case always make sense to use the entire number. A shortened number, without country code "sees" only the network in which the phone is registered.

So if you a number (without country code) selected, which is equal to more than one network, then you will be once the own mobile phone registered in a foreign network (logged) was also associated with the strange number. so does not exist a number while abroad, then you should get an announcement as "this number is not assigned", which then, however, as in your case, in Czech.

When one is in grenznaehe can happen.

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