What information to include in a resume?

Good evening.

I should write for tomorrow bullet points of my life because we want to write a resume, so have a professional preparation week .. Well and now my question what to write anything in there?

thank you

The best answer

Last name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, primary school (which from - to), secondary school (which, from - to), Education / Academic, Career, foreign languages, driving license, sometimes hobbies.

  • Header: CV Name, bold print, 14
  • Personal data: Date of birth, place of birth, possibly with professional parents

(Information such as religion, nationality, etc. are not necessary because of the AGG)

Right next to a passport photo (no longer is under the AGG also relevant)

  • Career: Is probably of no interest to you, though you still go to school
  • Education history: 00.00.0000 to 00.00.0000 school name, location, type of school, which school degree sought
  • Spoken language skills, which languages ​​you speak and how well (self-assessment), computer skills, what programs you can (Selbsteinschätung) etc.
  • Clubs *: You are in any clubs? Sport or sozia long acting, fire?
  • Hobbies *: special hobbies? e.g. reading, cooking, chatting, cinema gamble, internet do not belong in a resume.

* Hobbies and associations are not always in a resume. And simple lists are also not useful ..

  • Place, date and signature
  • Footer: name, address, telephone number, email address (This information does not belong in the personal data)

Hello Linamagihn,

look here: karrierebibel.de/dossier-lebenslauf-so-uberzeugen-sie-jeden/

Elementary school from when to when and where, Gymnasium / Realschule from when to when and where, under normal circumstances then jobs from when to when and where but you've not yet

-Name -Vorname -Geburstdatum Birthplace -Which school I attended by (not in ation - no Anhung) or which I visit and when I'll probably make statements -Wohnort (address) -Parents (Do not have you you but) - Hobbies

So we had to do at least that time

https: //www.google.ch/search q = cv & ie = utf-8 & oe = utf-8 & gws_rd = c ...

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