What is a block seminar?

I start from next Wednesday a early study in which I attend only one course. This takes place on Wednesdays from 18-20. But now three block seminars are thereby specified, two Saturdays a 6 hours, and one next Wednesday, which goes from 14-20 pm and thus overlaps the actual seminar. What is exactly a block seminar? Must this visit necessarily to keep up with the material? Or should this visit, if you are not attending the seminars on Wednesdays?

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A Seminar is an event which takes longer than a normal seminar. A session lasts 90 minutes (2 hours per week). So often takes 24 SWS twelve weeks for two hours. A block seminar this 24 SWS operates from in a short time. For example, three times 8 hours per week (ie three days 8 hours).

Well, it depends on your case: either only the block seminar or even block and it rarely normal Seminar. So it is for example also two block courses of six hours and six "normal" two-hour seminars à two hours = 24 hours per week.

SWS = semester hours.

When in doubt, always helps an email to the professor or you can visit the earliest possible date and there after asking. I personally find block seminars better, because you effectively saves time, because you have to advance not only for two hours per week (90 minutes). Disadvantage is a huge amount input. So much you can not at all take and have to take notes and make up at home in one piece.

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