What is better? Dog or cat? :)

What do you think is better? I am considering what I get. Know me out with dogs and I know that they seeeeehr much need. Cats are indeed easier to hold, but wanted to know what you find better or what you have for animals :)

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Imagine the questionnaires themselves: Am sporty and in all weathers like I there? Do I have to concern myself with the dog and to play enough time? Or I remain dear in bad weather on the couch? Mag I to walk? So personally I prefer dogs because you can do with them simply more;) Good luck and I hope you make the same for you right decision. :)

Cats are not quite so much work (go Spatzier and so) and a little more independent. You like both: cuddle and play. So perfect. And you can teach them some auhc. My Can Give paw, impact and male. I find that cats are the best pets. :)

We have even cats :) the best part is simply that it is not necessary to go for a walk and you so not have to worry about a substitute is when you come home later times

Hi, please inquire yourself but first about the pets you wishes you. Because I do not think that one cat lighter than a dog can hold, on the contrary have 2 dogs and 2 cats, the cats are much more complex animals, alone is the home furnishings and education. Since my dogs are really straightforward, clear you have 3 times out daily and also the pile wegmachen out there, but they meow not When I set the wrong food, gag no hair up into one purely transgress night and they scratch a front frustration no wallpaper , You grant the play also no shelves from or "disappeared" all small things. And dogs are much more friendly with their people than cats. Are you in cats too many rookie mistakes you'll have a tyrant at home, everything takes what he wants and will have nothing to do with you ....

And no one knows you here in person and no one knows what you are for a type of person that only you can decide - can you not lose weight .... considering you before how you live your life and what animal to this life fits precisely. ... If you for example are a person of little or no go out and more of a couch potato is so cats are certainly more meaningful than the dog. If you are a type of person are however very happy outdoors in nature, is already active in sports anyway fit so would the dog the better companion ...... it just can not get onto the animal, but the owner, it must ,

As a cat person, I naturally agree entirely clear for cats. Since my 5 years to accompany me my Fellnasen already and a life without cats I could absolutely not imagine.

With dogs I have no experience, and I think you can not really say what is "better". It depends on you, which companions you would rather have on your side. That you should think twice, as you ask if you had to care for and care that a dog needs (eg 3 times a day to run) time.

In dogs, you have to bear in mind the walk and in cats when you keep in the house want the litter box

I only had cats so far. Granted for religious reasons, but I find cats better. Especially for people with little time they are good because you do not have to go for a walk with them. If you rather be the guy who would like to run / play with his dog in the park, you have time, like there are etc., then a dog would probably right for you. Not for nothing grandmothers have so many cats. It depends also on the character of the animal, but cats are already Schmusetiere. :)

In general, you should Animals not buy from the whim, but that must have been carefully considered, because they accompany you for many years to your life and sometime just belong to the family: ie, it would be better if you keep them longer and not continue giving. For this purpose you should consider what animal you would rather have on your side, what you do not lose the joy so quickly. :)


I like both ... had previously only cats because I have too little time for a dog.

You know yourself that a dog is a lot of work, walk the dog, go for a walk ... and he did not like it when you leave him alone.

Cats are as easy to clean ... especially if they have clearance, then they come and go as they please. It takes just one person who takes care of the cat, if you're not there! And more than a few hours should not be left alone a cat, of course. If there is an indoor cat, you should keep anyway 2 cats.

Although I have no pets. But with a dog you can play more and get some fresh air.

You can nichz compare the animals. You can not like a apple with a tomato compare.

Each animal has before and disadvantages. Although dogs, the disadvantages are more than advantages.

I 2 dogs and 1 cat

cat: Gentle

dog: because you have 3 times walking the day

unless you are athletic then dog

Which is better? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So I once had a dog but who died and desswegen earn no pets more as if something bad happens (and it will at some point) you're only sad and depressed!

If you're never at home: a cat

If you go like walking: a dog

Dogs are loyal, have feelings of guilt, you can teach them things, rejoice when you come home ... and * cough * Cats are possessed by the devil and just waiting until you die to yourself then devour * cough *

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