What is done before the first blood donation everything?

What is done before the first blood donation everything ??? or what do I need ???

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bring your identity card with.

you have some questions (regarding health, medi income, foreign travel, existing diseases, etc ..) to answer a questionnaire.

you will again questioned ausfürlich by a doctor to blood pressure measured, blood on finger removed (iron worth) and heart is listening. if everything is in order, you may donate blood and get then a tasting or money - depending on the federal state - lg.

To the same to take some answers first: Blood donation does not hurt.

There is no risk of infection and it does not harm the health, but it promotes more. But above all: A blood donation can be crucial for another human life!

The blood donation itself takes a few minutes, with the inclusion of donor data, your registration, medical examination and the recovery period after the donation has to be expected with a total time of about one hour.

A prerequisite for the blood donations that you feel healthy. For the first time you can between your 18th and your 65th birthday donate blood (regular donors to 71st birthday). If all this applies to you, do not hesitate - every donation counts!

Take a rest after your donation yet, drink a lot - without alcohol - and eat something. For your donation you will be served free of us.

Your blood is tested after removal in our laboratories. Should this abnormal findings occur, which may be an indication of disease, you will immediately receive informed.

https: //www.blutspende.de/infos-zur-blutspende/informationen-fuer-neuspender/die ...

You have to bring anything. Usually you get a salve on his arm and join you is taken from the blood. After that either you get a meal or if it was not the first time money (around 50 €)

your identity card and the rest, they explain everything. is totally chilled. stay calm and if you want more nicjt can say dus well and bring you for net order. oh ess previously sufficiently and drink min. 2 liters on the day

Bringing you have to think only your passport, and your doctor reißepass attest. Can you say but net gebau because I myself was not

The first blood donation

Who donates blood for the first time or not is completely secure, which often has questions or concerns.

How does the blood donation? What is actually happening here with me? Can I harm health donating blood?

https: //www.blutspende.de/infos-zur-blutspende/informationen-fuer-neuspender/die ...

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