What is life after cancer treatment?

Will life ever be the same? Will the body can fully regenerate or you have to after that drugs etc take? Will life be normal again sometime?

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It depends on the cancer and its stage in which it is treated. Directly after chemotherapy, many patients are quite tired, even after more than stan their treatment there is a "Cancer related fatigue", ie a fatigue syndrome. But have not all, and it can be treated and does not last forever.

Had 7 years ago cancer was treated without chemotherapy, but with an operating theater and live without drugs and without further restrictions very good! Come always depends on what a cancer it is - all the best for you !!!!

I had 6 years ago an OP, half colon surde eintfernt. Since befundrei.

Then six months chemo.

I have both survived and were well tolerated.

My life now is better than ever.

I just need a bit more to the pot. Or jogging behind a tree. Have textile gentle seating positions developed.

I arbetie currently ehrenamtilich in a Krankenhauas. And I can there many "fellow sufferers" relieve their anxiety that they have built up by sensationalist and Silly television broadcasts of cancer.

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