What is needed for the production of frozen cakes?


I work in a bakery. We make pies, but only from products of nature. The pies sin good, only inflexible for restaurant customers. They want the cakes like to get Frozen and then thaw, when they are needed.

Of course there are already many players in the market, but we want to freeze our own pies and make auftaufähig.

We tried to make cakes just freeze, but it is no good - they swim and run to thaw when.

I assume that certain premixes are necessary. We also want to use any ready-made mixes.

Can someone help me there? What should I look for? Keywords and references will help certainly.

I hope I was able to have described the problem of course and look forward to every tip!

Thank you so much!

The best answer

Cakes can still freeze and thaw, 30-50min at room temperature. If you should stay frozen for Transport it must be just adequately protected with styrofoam ...?

Consult with your development department or with management - as you have already identified itself, the market is well stocked - and runs well to a cake price of 10-15 euros - You'll can not reach with a medium-sized bakery - but the sanitary conditions for TK Ware can not be met for a normal bakery - is partly due to the shelf life ..


Hope this helps.

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