What is Schutzvertrag- and fee when buying a dog?

Above you see my question :) Have classifieds for dogs looked through while these terms came on. What can I mean? Thanks for answers :)

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You mean protection contract and nominal charge. I assume?

So, animal protection groups - and only those that mediate from shelters animals ready to protect mediated pets to a protection contract and charge a nominal fee.

This serves to protect the animal mediated so that this is not in a multiplication station (breeding will not say) is passed. Does the animal should be taken to the Animal Welfare for further mediation in the case of delivery again.

In classifieds for dog dealer such protective contracts and protection fees are a lamination of trade in dogs. Even many a breeder of puppies includes protection contracts with the sales contract. Such checked always by a lawyer (CISG) ...

An example of why the testing is necessary:

Puppy is sold for 2000 euros, the "protection contract" is when it becomes necessary to release the dog to offer the breeders (preemption) purpose switching and the reimbursement amount for the dog is fixed for example 300 euros ....

.... Then this is some sort of "economic use" of dogs that come back. No matter what the dog is actually worth the Vorkaufspreis is 300 Euro. A contract in bad faith, so to speak ... The holder can not have a say times where the dog is released. For example, to China for 8000 Euro, bar cash for the breeder of the dog ....

Roger that ?

Protection treaty is legally verifiable and properly and serves to protect the dog, animal welfare, for example.

As far as I know, there you pay a certain amount. The dog owners look frequently on the circumstances and what happens to the dog, if after a certain time (which is determined hopefully in a contract!) The dog owners no serious problems for the dog to be visualized you get the money back.

When you buy a dog properly - ie with transfer of ownership, such agreements are void.

Only if the previous owner or the organization further remains the owner of the animal and only one service contract is concluded, such conditions can be agreed.

Contract and charges are intended to prevent collected for lau dog and then be abused otherwise end up in the research or. If necessary, prohibits the breeding.

Many of the so-called protection contracts are not worth the paper on which they are printed!

And very many animal shelters and privately run animal protection Orgas Slapping plenty unfair transfer contracts out ...

Since then there's repurchase rights, any requirements as an obligation ...

etc. etc.

We have always maintained that we have "bought" our dogs - there was no placement fees, no acquisition commitments, no what-do-I for runs ...

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