What is studying to my job requirements?

I have two different areas that I would like to study (abi Avg .: 2.5) 1. I would later an office job where I have to organize a lot and apply logical reasoning. I would like also international calls in English lead (was 8Monate abroad w & t). especially the independent work is important to me but also teamwork with colleagues. What studies there comes into question?

  1. Working with people: War on the Social Science School, which I'm slightly tinged psychologically and educationally am important. I enjoy working with people (especially 20 and older) to put themselves in the position of the other, in search of solutions to hold talks. I also thought of drug addicts and children from troubled families. Also Criminology's interesting. What a study of the question?

Thank you!

The best answer

You could manage studying or doing training in the management and can as youth workers at the district office to work as an official

As a buyer in a big company because you were in good hands. Business administration at a college would be as suitable. Since carrying on dialogues with people, have even visits abroad and earn very good.

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