What is the adjective for Oxymoron?

For example, I have to say: The statement is very "oximoronisch" / The statement is very "oxymoron".

What would be the right if there is an adjective that?

thank you in advance


The best answer

would also say that there is not that. Just write: This statement is stylistically an oxymoron, and then tell halt :)

Depends on how you're usually so it and how easy is the teacher. If you otherwise OK, check your work, you'll ox y Moroes, oxymorisch, oxymorig or oymoronig write. But this is a joke, because the adjective does not exist anywhere. If you work otherwise not convinced the joke would be somewhat misplaced.

PS: It may be therefore silly, because the Greek word μω ρ ός (moros "dumpfbackig") also the English moron ( "Dummpfbacke) underlies.

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