What is the best beer in Germany for you?

In Germany there are nearly 1300 types of beer, if you go in a bottle shop, then you can decide at all. all taste the same, or is there a very special breed which distinguishes itself from others.

The best answer

So I personally find Gustl (Augustiner Helles) best then I can Franziskaner Weissbier have no net and both Munich beer but I find that you sometimes can drink quite well also a heineken is to find it in each region and which is also tastes so good desperados (is but n Bissl something different than a classic beer because Tequila beige mix is)

Mfg love munich beer

The mass beers such as Krombacher, Bitburger, Warsteiner, Radeberger, Holsten, Becks etc. have become largely interchangeable. I find it interesting beers smaller breweries and beers off the usual standard selection of beer, wheat beer and perhaps even export.

The logically not taste all the same. There are also different brewing styles, different ingredients and of course different mixing ratios of these ingredients.

The course does not taste all the same.

Which is the best type of beer, is always a very individual thing. Taste flat.

Because there are big differences :)

Mir tastes best Faust beer :) Gibts but only here in the region :) Guuuutes Bayerisches Bier! ^^


The list of ingredients of beer is strictly regulated. In this respect there is a comparison, especially when water.

Flensburg example, has excellent water. Insofar Flensburger Pilsener is my favorite beer.

Who it, however not as tart like, comes in Düsseldorf Alt or the Kölsch at his expense.

But everywhere sounds of local patriotism. In Cologne nowhere kriegste Old and in Dusseldorf nowhere Kölsch. Such characteristics include belonged and the beer always do so.

Therefore, the whole of Germany expensive campaigns of several large breweries that send to WM-times their spots, even more against the natural beer flavor that maintains local color especially.

The sake of completeness: I find it quite okay, if there was to drink in Hamburg no Flens. This would increase the pressure, often to ride in the beautiful north.

All taste certainly not equal. First, there is of course the rough subdivision (Pils, wheat, cyclists, ...), but also in each category, there are differences.

I would always take a beer from the region, as the then could not be driven so far. Here you can also something umweldbewusst shopping. However, the main thing is of course that one tastes the beer. For me both fits very well with the Schlabeseppel.

Must you probably even a few varieties to try, because of course all taste different. But I find jever very good.

When would all taste the same, it certainly would not be so many different beers, then a would suffice.

I personally like JEVER and OLs prefer ...... and of course GUINNESS

Augustiner or Tegernsee

For me, Astra red light, Oettinger Cola beer (me hates quiet xD) and Krombacher

The best beer is free beer

All the same.

local beer as foreman of Hagen-Dahl http://www.vormann-brauerei.de/biere/index.htm

Smudge beer is great !!

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