What is the city council?

What is selected there and then what the "winner"?

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  • as understand 'size the city council' 2012-01-13

    MUST one wanted, make my city and this question I should also answer but how should I understand this question with respect? Please do not ignoreren if ye know hehe --answer-- I suspect that with "city council", the city council is meant. This v

  • What is a City Council? 2013-10-28

    --answer-- In many countries German city council is the name of the town council, so the local people's representatives in the cities (in other municipalities: council). The members of the Panel City Council are referred to as part councilors. The ci

  • may seal of the City Council were stolen you can block them? 2012-03-31

    Hello, In the city administration official seal were stolen. Each stamp has its own individual number. Is there a law this mislaid official seal / lock to make void? --answer-- No. But if someone uses without authorization, he can make the official p

  • How to write to the City Council a letter that our road would be repaired? 2012-02-14

    --answer-- Take pictures and send the to the clerk's office with the information about possible damage for people and vehicles. The look is to the give the intern to appropriate clerk or departments continue There is no reason to write the city admin

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    Hello, What are the responsibilities of the staff committee? It represents the workers, what he does not? greeting --answer-- he represents the rights of the staff in the establishment of the civil service. It must be consulted on certain decisions a

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    In general - as the Saxons think about the city as a residential area? --answer-- I do not live far away. It's OK. Has good Infastruktur. It's not a village. So one can live there. If you have a car, it is not great.

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    --answer-- Ratisbon Hello, Regensburg is also in English Regensburg. The majority of German city names remain unchanged in English - apart from the debate. Exceptions are eg. As Cologne, Munich, Nuremburg, Frankfort, Hanover AstridDerPu My English te

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    If the Parliament of Russia?

  • For what purpose the Parliamentary Council was launched? 2014-09-01

    --answer-- In order to formulate the Basic Law. It was after the war start in a parliamentary system for the to be established Federal Republic of Germany. ... To provide our Basic Law, which is our constitution, was chaired by Konrad Adenauer. --- A



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