What is the höchstentlohnteste apprenticeship?

What is the höchstentlohnteste apprenticeship and school which statements are most often required for those job?

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when it comes to in-house training, the construction professions relatively far forward in terms of payment.

I know a trainee who is learning road builders, who in 2.Lehrjahr nearly 1000 € net per month.

And as is often sufficient to get a high school to an apprenticeship.

Air Traffic Controller ..... despite all this, and you should look not only about money, primarily should be fun and a professional one should him for a lifetime, or at least for a long time (...) can exercise / want is moreover not only crucial how much you deserve iN training, more importantly, how much you earn AFTER training, or what the future congestion overviews and career opportunities in the profession are ....: here are the 10 most highly paid occupations: http: //www.ausbildung .com / occupations / highest paid /

In my youth the training as a banker, was very well paid.

Wrong approach !!

Meet a professional of you is fun and where your interest goes. Who after money "longs" in your stage will have trouble in society.

So I heard that the training occupation Maurer is the best paid a few months ago. In first year, there are apparently already over 1200 euros.

Source Bayern 3)

One can also rise to a simple job, but only one should be able to be proved.

Commercial professions are quite well paid. So industry businessman, banker, etc.

You should in career choice but go to your interests and not to pay. If you work in a profession that makes you not fun, will make you the time finished, believe me.

You're going on the assumption that any well-paying Aiusbildungsbetrieb just waiting for someone like you. One probably be enough here with you not for this financially lucrative as training. Vllt reichts here with you just to haircut or dustman

One should do what makes a fun and not where you can earn the most.

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