What is the horror film with the clown? xD

Hello :) I'd love to see a horror movie, but unfortunately forgot what his name :( This is about a clown. This is only what I know about that woman for a couple babysitting and she calls because her the man-sized clown scares. the woman on the phone said, but she had no man-sized clown and the moment the head of the clown turns to the babysitter around. I know there is little information for a film but I hope it still recognizes someone the film. : /

Thanks in advance ♡

The best answer

Hmm ... I only know a horror movie with a clown and that is "ES" as it is about a clown I think killing children .... but I'm not sure that's too long since I've looked at the: -)

Could it ,, it be ''?

the means "there"

Amusement it could be.

It by Stephen King


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