What is the value pc wants to sell him

inteli7 processor Cpu water cooling 5 case fan 120mm Windows 8 Pro 1200W PSU Mainboard asus crossblade Ranger amd a88x GeForce gtx 980 highly overclocked with 3 coolers Complete razer Equipment

The best answer

The components, and your information is a shithole.

1. Which i7?

2. Water cooling. Which? If Custom - name> Items

3. Housing Name

4. PSU. Which? In addition, much too big! Less than half would have been enough.

5. mainboard. Does not fit to CPU socket, therefore you posting here the size t bullshit. I make time anyway.

6. Which GPU. Reference Design or what reasonable?
-> Overclocking = No guarantee more -> depreciation

7. Which fan

Treasures 1800 € (is needed but it looks okay)

paid Nice was haste

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